Profile: Dog Training Specialist Chris Banke

December 30, 2016
Overall, Chris Banke has more than a quarter century of experience as a dog trainer, which surprises many, until they realize he started while he was just a teenager. It is the length of time and the diversity of his work that marks him as a highly regarded trainer. Besides his dog training work, he is also highly regarded for his activism within the dog training industry.

Chris Banke fondly looks back at the time his very own dog, “Dino von der Maineiche,” received the second highest Schutzhund/IPO III in the United States with a trial score of 297, but he has had a lot of great experiences over his three decades of training dogs. For example, there was the time he and Dino were in the film “Frozen River,” which was released in 2008, which was later nominated for an Oscar. Chris Banke is simply among the best dog trainers anywhere, in any business. Chris has the skill needed to help you obtain the results anyone is looking for, whether they want to train a dog for competitions or entertainment, or they want to train a police dog.

Training for Your Dog – Chris Banke

June 24, 2016
Even as a teenager, Chris Banke loved dog training. When he was only 15, he founded the Algemeiner Schutzhund Club and he knew right then that he had found a calling. While he was at that club, one of the other trainers helped him focus his training skills on German Shepherds and he one of the top ten trainers in the United States helped him hone his training skills even more. With his experience, he then founded his own dog training business, which he called “Chris Banke Protection Dog Trainer” at the tender age of 19.

In the subsequent 30 years since then, he has trained and coached a great many dogs, and he has also done some coaching and helping with a number of other competitive handlers. Chris Banke also founded his own breeding kennel, with many of the dogs he bred going on to compete at local, state, regional and national levels. Many of the dogs he has bred have also gone on to work in law enforcement as well as to work in entertainment.